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At QuickSpaParts, we understand the heater is one of the most critical components of your spa. Our state-of-the-art heaters are engineered to heat your spa efficiently by transferring the maximum amount of heat directly to the spa water. These efficient heaters are designed to perform, while saving you money in operating costs. Best of all, QuickSpaParts heaters are built by a leading spa manufacturer that understands what you want and need in a spa heater.

Quick Spa Parts - Heaters for sale online at the best price.

Hot tub electric heaters are a common type of spa heater that use electricity to heat the water. They are typically easy to install and operate and can be more energy-efficient than gas heaters. Electric heaters are available in various sizes and can be suitable for both small and large hot tubs.

Heater Parts
Quick Spa Parts - Heater Parts for sale online at the best price.

Some common spa heater component parts include the heating element, pressure switch, thermostat, and high-limit switch. The heating element is responsible for heating the water, while the pressure switch ensures that the water pressure is at a safe level. The thermostat regulates the temperature, and the high-limit switch prevents the water from overheating.